This is going to be a fun blog, thanks to all of YOU!! I asked y’all to submit some questions that you wanted me to answer and to help me write my next blog. Thank you to all of you who submitted questions and for always being so supportive of me and my music career. I’ve got the BEST fans EVER!! Are y’all ready? Here we go….

Cathy Orr asked:Have you ever found your famous last name to be a hinderance to your career, and at anytime felt like being incognito because of it?”

A: I am very proud of my last name and what it stands for. I am so proud of those who have gone before me and what they have accomplished both professionally as well as personally. I almost didn’t use “Osmond” when launching my solo career simply because I wanted to have a fair shot and to have people like my music for what it is and not just because of my last name. People tend to pre-judge me and my music simply because of the name “Osmond.” My relatives are all proud of what I am doing musically and it’s nice to have their support. In Country music I’ve learned that it’s best to just be who you are. I’m proud to be Osmond!! 😉

Roz Hubbard asked: What’s your favorite song of all time?

A: That is near impossible to answer. I have SO many favorite songs. Here are a few that I absolutely LOVE: 
– “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz
– “Tomorrow” – Chris Young
– “The Day” – Baby Face
– “I Still Believe In You” – Vince Gill
– “More Than A Memory” – Garth Brooks
– “Amazed” – Lonestar
and many, many, many more!!

Amanda Thompson asked: When you coming to the UK?

A: I would LOVE to get back to the U.K.!! It’s been about 20 years since I’ve been there. That is WAY too long!! I have been working with several people in the U.K. and discussing ways to get me over there again soon. Please let your local fairs and theaters know that you want to have Nathan Osmond come over there to perform. Please contact your radio stations and let them know that you want me to come do a concert in the U.K. I’ll jump on the next plane and come see y’all!

Akiko Ziegler asked: When can we buy your new album “Climbing Fences”?

A: It’s all up to my record label, Pretty World Records. I’ve been told that it’s going to be late Summer 2012. I am still waiting to hear what the official release date is. I will be talking to the president of the label tomorrow. I will keep y’all posted on the latest and greatest. I think you are REALLY going to like these NEW songs. “Stars & Stripes” will be included on the NEW album! I’ve done a TON of songwriting for this new album!!

Julie Tann asked: Did your Mum do scrapbooks for you & each of your brothers & if so did she include memorabilia etc from when you were the Osmond Boys? 

A: My parents have done a GREAT job at keeping memorabilia, costumes, pictures, etc from my childhood. My life has been very-well documented. The older I get, the more I appreciate all that I have been blessed to do. I think it’s important to hang on to memories and remember the good times.

Ann Sarah Marks asked: Who, inspires you?

A: Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith Jr, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, The Mormon Pioneers, Rosa Parks, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Dr Victor Frankl, and many more.

Linda Ann Sosa asked: What motivates you to be working so hard to succeed in the entertainment business? Lots of people want to be a star, but not that many would be willing to work as hard as you are to make it happen. Why do you? What do you hope to accomplish through making your music known? (I’m impressed!)

A: Thanks Linda. I do pour my whole heart and soul into my career and try to provide the BEST music for my fans. I believe you gotta have passion for what you do. If not, why are you doing it? I LOVE bringing smiles to the faces of those at my concerts. I love to watch people dance, laugh, get down and simply forget their worries for at least a couple hours during my concerts. My favorite part is meetin’ y’all after the shows. That part ROCKS!! 😉

Elizabeth Ballard asked: if you were asked to be on Dancing with the Stars, would you do it?

A: Absolutely!! I love dancing and have worked with some amazing choreographers including Janet Jackson’s choreographer, Terri Bixler.

Marilynn Whitlock asked: What is it like to be related to you?

A: Hopefully pleasant and non-embarrassing. 😉 I try to be a good brother, cousin, nephew, son, etc.

Jack Todd Ferguson asked: Name an entertainer outside your family that you admire and why?   

A: I admire Harry Connick Jr. That guy can sing, play instruments and has been true to who he is. I also enjoy Kenny Loggins for that same reason. I LOVE his voice. I also admire Vince Gill for his vocals but even more for the way he treats others. He is one of three guys that converted me to Country music.

Louise Savey asked: Would you ever think to do an album of your favorite hymns? If so, which ones would you include and why?

A: I would LOVE to do an album of hymns. I have written several original Christian songs for a religious project in the future. Some of my favorite hymns are:
– “How Great Thou Art”
– “I Need Thee Every Hour”
– “Abide With Me”
– “Jesus Once of Humble Birth”
– “I Am A Child Of God”
– “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”
– “The Spirit Of God”
and many, many more!

Annie Gibson asked: Did YOU think you had a regular childhood?

A: The older I get the more I realize that I did not have a “normal” childhood. I had an AWESOME childhood!! I went to 5 high schools and visited all 50 states by the time I was 26. I have been to over 14 Countries and have met some AMAZING people!! I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. I use to think that every family had a television studio! 😉 I loved hanging around the set of the Donny & Marie shows. All my favorite TV characters were there. How awesome is that!? I’d like to write a book someday.

Dorthy Ann Bell asked: Okay Nathan, I have asked you before and maybe you just didn’t get the message. When are you coming to Pa.?

A: I LOVE PA!! I love Philly and Pittsburgh. I loved performing at the Civic Light Opera there. I also enjoy visiting Amish country. They are amazing people and make the BEST food, furniture, etc. I have a lot of respect for the Amish people.

Christine Scotton asked: when are you and your brothers coming DOWNUNDER?

A: I would absolutely LOVE to get back to Australia!! It is seriously one of my favorite Countries to visit!! I love the Gold Coast and Sydney. I loved meeting you while I was down there. You made me feel right at home. The Australians are beautiful people and have a great outlook on life. I still, to this day, say, “No worries!”;)

Jen Marco asked: When are you going to collaborate with Jen Marco? Just kidding…kind of!’s a question. Who is your greatest musical influence, and how has their inspiration helped to change your career and life?

A: Great questions! Let’s collaborate soon girl!! You’ve got pipes! I’d love to do a duet with you soon. I’ve had several musical influences. I love Vince Gill, Kenny Loggins, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Donny Osmond, Brian Abrams (Color Me Badd), Wanye (Boys II Men) and others with clean vocals. I love the emotion that you feel when they sing. I always try to sing from the heart and help people to feel what it is that I am singing. I am inspired when I watch a great entertainer. It always wants to make me want to better my art.

Eleanor Lyons asked: I was wondering if there was anyone you would like to do a duet with?

A: You, of course! 😉 I would love to sing with Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, Martina McBride, Kenny Loggins, Harry Connick Jr, Brian McKnight, Faith Hill and many others!

Andree Reynolds asked: Hi Nathan. Still loving the ‘Music To Your Ears’ track. Beautiful. Any chance you may record with your dear Aunty Marie? Would love to hear you together. Xxx

A: I would LOVE to record with my “Auntie M!” It would be cool to redo her “Meet Me In Montana” song she did with Dan Seals.

Suzanne Martin asked: Will you be doing another Christmas show in Utah with your brothers this year? Saw the one at Thanksgiving Point and loved it.

A: Hi Suzanne! I would LOVE to do a Christmas show with my bros. Those are always a lot of fun. I know we have a few private shows planned. I always enjoy working with my bros!

Julie Lindsell asked: Will you ever come sing your awesome stuff in the UK? We all really wanna hear you sing live, not just via youtube 🙂

A: Trust me…I would LOVE to get back over to the U.K. Thank you SO much for all the love and support y’all show me. I am still working on plans to get back over to the U.K. I’ve got a band and everything over there ready to go!!

Susan Broadfoot asked: Do you want to go on making music forever?

A: YES!!! How’s that for a short answer? 😉

Mike Huckeba asked: Explain the songwriting process, from the words & melody to the final recording. Do you do a melody first & then the words or vice versa. Also, do you play every song for your wife? If she doesn’t like & you do, do you still record it?

A: Great questions! It varies from song to song. Sometime you come up with the melody first and sometimes the lyrics come quickly. I like to always have a recording device close by to remember melodies. I believe inspiration comes and goes. You’ve got to record it when it comes. Write it down! I do test songs, melodies and lyrics on my wife. She is a GREAT songwriter! We’ve written some great tunes together. She is after all the inspiration for a lot of my songs. I love how honest she is about what she thinks about my songs. Sometimes it’s hard to take, but at least I know when she really likes what I’ve written. 😉 She is the one who convinced me to record, “With A Memory” on my last album. She’s got a great ear and can recognize a good song when she hears it!

Alison Ware-apasa asked: Who is your fave Uncle and why? Or is your auntie Marie your fave?

A: That is a loaded question! 😉 I love them all equally. I am pretty close with my Uncle Donny and Uncle Merrill.

Heidi Rodriguez asked: Will you deliver a personal happy birthday greeting to me when that day comes? Just call and sing it to me on that day. I’d like to hear something from you a little on the edgy side – LOL, j/k! Love your voice as it is!
Well……… asked, so I answered! 🙂

A: Hey Heidi, when is your birthday? Message me on your special day and your phone number. I’d love to make your birthday wish come true! 😉 I’ll sing to you.

Michael Merritt -Gardner asked: What is your favorite cartoon?

A: I LOVE Sponge Bob Square Pants. It’s AMAZING!! 😉

J.C.S. asked: ok here’s a random one Nathan. What style of watch do u find cool enuf to wear for everyday vs casual uses?   

A: I actually have a Breitling that I love wearing on any occasion.

Debbie Spall asked: Hi Nathan, My question is why dont you come and do a tour in the UK? we would really love to see you this side of the pond. xx

A: All you’ve gotta do is ask! 😉 I am working hard on getting back over there. Save me some fish ‘n chips with Vinegar! 😉 Mmmm!!

Laurel Greathouse asked: What was your dream job as a kid? Or what is the #1 thing on your bucket list?

A: I am livin’ it!! Music is my life. One of the things on my bucket list is to take my wife around the world. I would LOVE to visit Italy, France, China, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and many other cool places. I am going to be singing on a cruise next year in the Bahamas. Would any of y’all like to go? I will be announcing it very soon!! 😉

@DonnyWeb01 asked: Whats your favorite movie?

A: I love SO many movies!! Here are a few:
– “It’s A Wonderful Life”
– “Life Is Beautiful”
– “Simon Birch”
– “The Wizard of Oz”
– “Inception”
– “The Ten Commandments”
– “Return of the Jedi”
– “The Sandlot”
– “Back To The Future” – The Trilogy
– “Indiana Jones” – The Trilogy
– “Lord of the Rings” The Trilogy
I also loved the NEW Batman movie!! 

Thanks to all y’all for asking some GREAT questions!! Let’s do this again soon!! 😉










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